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 I have had great results with clients thus far.  I chose the Oceanic Deck by Jayne Wallace because I have always loved the sea and the images resonated with me. The deck consists of 78 cards that fall into 22 major arcana (meaning secret) cards and 56 minor arcana cards.

Major cards reveal major turning points while the minor express day to day events.


Tarot readings


One card is drawn each day to advise and put upcoming events in prospective to gain insight and make positive choice.

yes or no

Three cards are drawn to give a simple yes or no answer to a specific question. cards drawn either hold a positive, negative or neutral meaning - the combination of the cards drawn reveals the answer.


Past, Present, Future

Three cards are drawn to represent the lead up to your current situation and the most likely outcome. This reading helps to put things in perspective and reminds us to appreciate the present.


Five cards are drawn and are based around the significator card which represents you and your present situation.

The other four cards will read what change you will see in your life, what will trigger that change, what action can you take, what's happening in my relationships and the outcome.

Deep Dive

Seven cards are drawn to represent your current situation, past causes of the situation, how it affects you outwardly, obstacles in your path, helpful influences, what to do to resolve your situation, and finding the truth about what you need to know to resolve the situation.

The week ahead

Eight cards are drawn and are based around the significator card which represents the general theme of the week. the other seven cards will represent each day of the week.

The Celtic Cross

Ten cards are drawn in this in depth reading. As the other readings it is centered around your current situation, what is crossing you or helping you, the best you can expect at present, your question or foundation of the reading, the next event, past events or hidden factors, how you see yourself; what you can do, your environment; people around you, hopes or fears, the outcome.

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